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Born in 1994, she lives and works in Paris. She obtained her DNSEP from Beaux-Arts de Cergy in 2021. 

Passionate about science fiction, archaeology and speculative biology, she envisions unexpected, organic and tangible connections in her projects by blending hypothetical narratives with scientific discoveries. 

At the intersection of earth, flora, fauna and the inanimate, her interactive sculptures are designed as self-contained organisms that captivate with their unexpected behaviours. With their biomorphic appearance, they hint at a potential for mutation and a connection to a larger cycle. These hybrids actively seek to adapt and engage with their environment, guiding us through layers of time. They serve as witnesses to hidden memories and unexplored realms. 

Throughout her projects, Thonet strives to establish a sensory and poetic communication between the living and the inanimate. In an invitation to a visceral and sensitive connection with matter, an inanimate dialogue to take place between the sculpture and the viewer.  

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