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Born in 1991, Lélia Demoisy lives and works in Yvelines. She graduated from the École des Arts Décoratifs in Paris in 2015 and received the ‘Young talent’ scholarship from the Mécène & Loire Foundation in 2016. Demoisy seeks to study the explore our relationship with nature and the living world as individuals. Her entire body of work aims to highlight our corporeal connection to matter as a fundamental aspect of our relationship with the living.

The tree occupies a fundamental place in her work, where she associates it with the steel, which she manipulates to adapt to the cross-generational organic form. In 2014, she wrote a thesis studying the concept of fusion with nature and shared a personal narrative of her experience of having undergone a solitary immersion in a Canadian forest in the middle on winter. 

In addition to creating sculptures, she joined landscapers to work directly on the natural elements of installations for Chaumont-sur-Loire (2015), Lausanne Jardins (2019) et Annecy Paysages (2021). In 2019, she was welcomed by the Trueno Tribe in Patagonia (Argentina) and started research work on Chinese ink and screen printing.

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