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Born in 1981, Fabien Mérelle lives and works in Tours. Soon after graduating from l’École des l’École des Beaux-Arts of Paris in 2006, he was the first recipient of the Canson Prize in 2010. Following the Guerlain 2012 donation to the Centre Pompidou, the museum has acquired works by Mérelle for their collection.

Mérelle projects his body into a universe where everything is mixed, be that fauna, flora or the earth, to the extent where the skin is made from bark or where man is like animals. A world where there is no longer the law of gravity, property or taboos. From these scenes emerge detailed depictions, the medium becomes vessel which contains the thoughts, desires and anxieties of the artist. He depicts the improbable in a believable and realistic manner, revealing an alternate perspective, a reality where Greek myths and ancestral beliefs are interwoven. 

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