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Born in 1991, Benjamin Valode lives and works in Paris. A graduate from the École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs de Paris, he continued his training in various artist’s studios devoting himself entirely to his personal research.

Having nurtured a lifelong fascination for natural phenomena, Valode places light at the heart of his artistic exploration. In the act of painting, his gestures become an essential and liberating part of his daily practice. With broad brushstrokes, he creates a smooth gradient to achieve an uninterrupted diffusion of light into the void. He further enhances his works by drawing directly on the painted surface with coloured pencils. 

Valode does not categorise his work as either abstract or figurative. A source of inspiration for his works is often from reality. However, his true objective is to surpass initial perceptions and to evoke a gentle metamorphosis, inviting the viewer into an imaginative realm. It is a dreamlike universe where profound existential and environmental questions are contemplated with detachment and serenity. 

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