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Born in 1993 in Strasbourg, Zélie Nguyen lives and works in Paris. After her studies in Fine Art at Sorbonne, she joined Djamel Tatah’s studio in the Beaux-Arts of Paris and obtained her DNSAP in 2021. She also worked in the lithographic studio of Michael Woolworth where she took part in the printing and publication of the artist’s book and prints in 2021. 

Her paintings make reference to small religious figures, ornaments and motifs. Examples of these references are the lack of a linear perspective in International Gothic works as well as the faded surfaces and soft colours in Japanese prints. In a similar approach to a ‘memory palace,’ her works open up spaces which are full of symbolism; a place of refuge where most can be decoded through subjectivity and emotional perception. It could be said that in her created worlds, an enigmatic and ethereal atmosphere is created through animals gradually substituting mankind’s presence.

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